LookSmart partners with Anchor Intelligence


deal.jpgADOTAS — LookSmart, the search advertising network and management company, and Anchor Intelligence, a traffic quality solutions provider, announced a partnership to enhance and extend protection of advertisers from the threat of click fraud.

Under the terms of the agreement, LookSmart has licensed ClearMark, Anchor Intelligence’s real-time traffic scoring system, to score all advertising traffic within its network. By scoring each individual click in real time, ClearMark enhances LookSmart’s ability to safeguard against illegitimate or fraudulent traffic.

“Over the years, LookSmart has shown its dedication to preserving the integrity of search advertising. We are a founding member of the IAB Click Measurement Panel and actively pursue partnerships that support and protect the quality of our network and its value to our advertisers,” Ted West, chief executive officer and president of LookSmart, said in a statement. “We have been very impressed with Anchor Intelligence’s technologies; and partnering with third-party firms like Anchor demonstrates our commitment to network quality.”

By integrating with existing billing and reporting systems, ClearMark facilitates real-time decision-making and traffic optimization. ClearMark scores are displayed in ClearMark Reports, Anchor Intelligence’s dynamic online reporting tool, giving networks unprecedented visibility into the quality of their traffic. In an effort to drive industry adoption of its ClearMark scoring system, Anchor Intelligence is collaborating with major industry standards organizations to become the first universally accredited traffic quality solutions provider.


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