Kiwibox, Burst Media, a good match


teens_small.jpgADOTAS — Kiwibox’s partnership with Burst Media seems to be going well.

The teen social network and online magazine now gets more than 17 million U.S.-based unique visitors per month. Its comprised of teen-focused websites that offer brand advertisers and marketers a targeted method for reaching this demographic.

The Kiwibox Network allows advertisers to reach teens using standard placements as well as creative out-of-the-box integration opportunities.

“The campaigns created on the Kiwibox Network are both fun and engaging, which creates a win-win scenario for both the brand and the site visitor.” said Mike Howard, COO and co-founder of Kiwibox. “By expanding this to multiple platforms, including mobile web and SMS, a brand is getting significant exposure to the largest, most appropriate audience possible.”

The company has recently added a streaming music video library from Universal Music Group, enhanced profiles, daily entertainment news, a revamped game section, exclusive video content and a mobile version of the site. Kiwibox membership is now over 2.4 million teens worldwide.

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