Is your affiliate manager a rock star?


star2_small.jpgADOTAS EXCLUSIVE — An affiliate manager acts as a window between the affiliate and the network they represent.

Each time an affiliate joins a network, they are paired up with a manager. Some networks simply pass off a new affiliate to the next manager in line, while others strategically assign each affiliate to a manager trained in the publisher’s specific traffic type. The AM acts as the sole point of contact for the publisher and soon will become a reflection of who that network is in the eyes of the publisher.

How does an affiliate know if they have been paired up with a great AM who is determined to contribute to the growth of his business, or someone who is going to do the minimum and has only one concern – collecting a paycheck? Here are a few signs that you are in the hands of a manager who has your best interest in mind.

1) They know your traffic inside and out – Every good AM will pro-actively seek to learn as much as they can about their pub’s traffic. Why? Because all traffic is unique. By knowing the details of which domain the pubs are sending to (email) and which search engine they are using to drive traffic (ppc), the AM will have a better understanding of how to guide the publisher.

2) They treat the Relationship as a Partnership – Both the affiliate and the AM have value to add to the partnership. When it is done right, both sides will win, and the partnership can reach the next level. A good AM understands that by working together with the affiliate, they have a great chance to dramatically increase the affiliates revenue.

3) They only push Top Performing Offers – A good AM will avoid pushing under-performing offers no matter the situation. They will have researched the affiliate’s account history, and will use their knowledge of the affiliate’s past successes as a guide to what will continue to work in the future.

4) They are available 24/7 – A good AM will be there whenever they are needed. Whether it is via email, aim, or over the phone, they will always give prompt responses to ensure the affiliates business has the support it deserves. They accept that each affiliate is under strict time constraints and the importance of delivering information in a timely manner.

5) They are Knowledgeable about the Industry – I can’t stress this point enough. A good AM will have a strong understanding of what the affiliate is trying to accomplish, and how to best reach those goals. They can offer insight into industry trends that will help guide the affiliate to higher levels of revenue.

When selecting a network, always look at the big picture. Interfaces and offers may differ, but at the end of the day it is your affiliate manager who will have the biggest impact on your success. Find one who cares about your business as much as you do, and watch your revenue rise to levels you never imagined.

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