Glam Media theme tweets, Coupon offers and Twitter watches


twitter_small.jpgADOTAS — Services using Twitter keep rolling out.

Glam Media will soon unveil a site and service that will filter and package tweets according to their themes, according to the WSJ. The lifestyle ad network intends to sell ads on the pages and to the share revenue with other Web sites that make its packages available on their sites. Glam Media tested the service during the Academy Awards in February.

Glam Chief Executive Samir Arora told the WSJ that the model is a new way to use news and events to make money online. To give its packages more polish, Glam will combine the Twitter messages with other media like video. is also using Twitter to keep consumers up to date on its latest offers with followers automatically receiving new coupon offers as they become available. The tweets will include links to the printable coupons for quick printing.

As Fred Wilson, a Twitter investor, tells the WSJ, Twitter will make money by “following the money,” building on the ways that others are developing businesses based on the service. Twitter is already working with Federated Media on ExecTweets, so let’s see how the revenue-challenged microblogging site can expand.


  1. Interesting update regarding utilizing filters. Anyone that can figure out how to filter appropriately is a HUGE win. We’re inundated with Tweets, updates and status. The moment we can easily peruse ones that share our interests = HOMERUN.

  2. Good news! I have no idea how to find people with similar interests or even who speak a specific language. This will be useful.


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