Glam Media launches its Tinker service for events, breaking News


twitter_small.jpgADOTAS — The online vertical content network has finally  opened its micro-blogging service.

Tinker is a platform for people to find, follow, filter, create and share real-time conversations on events and breaking news. Tinker brings context, filters and curation to micro-blogging—and is a monetization model for brand advertisers. Glam Media also unveiled the Tinker Micro-Blogger Network, leveraging its proven vertical content network model for micro-blogging influencers.

“Tinker is a revolutionary new social media service that enables users to find, follow, and participate in conversations around the events they are passionate about that are being discussed on Twitter and Facebook,” said Samir Arora, chairman and CEO of Glam Media. “Glam Media has created the first safe micro-blogging solution for brands to advertise on curated event conversations, and is launching the first professional micro-bloggers network today.” aggregates and curates real time conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and other micro-blogging platforms around specific events and breaking news. Tinker allows users to follow specific topics of interest, such as: professional micro-bloggers covering an Internet industry conference; social conversations of over 5,000 fans as they watch ABC’s Lost live on TV; discussions from people who loved the Fox Searchlight movie Slumdog Millionaire or the new movie Watchmen; bloggers covering the NCAA’s March Madness; and women connecting with each other on a local Moms get together.

Tinker is launching today with over 100,000 posts by more than 25,000 people on 200 events in popular categories including Awards, Causes, Conferences, Fashion, Festivals, Movies, Music, News, Politics, Sports and TV.

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