Email, after family and friends


googlemail.jpgADOTAS — As we have noted before, email continues to be a viable communication tools, but marketers need to adapt as well.

A new report shows that 59 percent of all email users spend twenty minutes or more with permission email weekly, with just over one- quarter spending an hour or more weekly. Permission email accounts for about a quarter of all time spent with email, second only to its primary function of communicating with friends and family, according a “View from the Inbox,” 2009, from Merkle.

The biggest reasons subscribers choose to opt-out of permission email continue to be lack of relevance, followed closely by sending too frequently. Slightly over half of respondents said that they were less willing to sign-up for email communications when compared to just a few years ago.

The subscribers that receive promotional permission email estimate that they delete 55 percent without opening, and the majority of email believed to be “too much” or “moderate,” by 44 percent. of those who receive promotional permission, goes unopened.

The report concludes that the quality of a company’s email program influences brand perceptions, both negatively and positively, acknowledged by 59 percent of permission email recipients, while 30 percent of permission email recipients have stopped doing business with at least one company due to their poor email marketing practices.

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