Do your click-throughs measure up?


mouseclick1.jpgADOTAS — Big, not surprisingly, is better when it comes to ad sizes, but click-through rates vary throughout the year.

The average click-through rate fluctuates between 0.11 percentand 0.19 percent, according to a study of more than 10 billion banner inquiries across Europe from ADTECH (not to be confused with ad:tech). eMarketer says that users click on display ads more frequently toward the end of the year, during the major online shopping period. The rate then restabilizes in January at 0.12 percent.

According to eMarketer, since 2004, the average click-through rate has fallen from around 0.3 percent, and in 2006, ABI Research reported that the average click-through rate for an online banner ad was 0.2 percent, indicating that the decline has been steady.

Users in France are at the high end with an average click rate of 0.18 percent, and UK users are at 0.13 percent. At 0.10 percent, the German click rate is in the middle of the European range. Scandinavian Web users are more “click cautious,” with average rates of 0.04 percent for Sweden, 0.05 percentfor Finland and 0.06 percent for Norway.

The majority of clicks in the display field go to pop-ups, layers and the half-size format (234×60), with an average of 0.5 percent each. Video ads performed even better at an average 1.7 percent click rate.

While video ads have higher click-through rates compared with banner ads, they are alos more expensive to both place and produce, and as their novelty wears off their rates may decline, too, according to eMarketer.


  1. I think the determining factors in clickthrough percentage is the relevance of the ad to the content and the ability of the publisher to not over show ads…The Auto Chnanel has averaged ofewr 1.6% clickthrough of normalized skyscrapper banners on our site…


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