Grilling ad roadblocks drive sales


barbecue_small.jpgADOTAS — The US Memorial Day Weekend flags the start of summer and the start of BBQ and Grilling season.

In backyards across America, barbecues and grills are fired up for the first time after the winter chill. For those in the BBQ business it makes sense to undertake Memorial Day Weekend advertising to drive sales of products. Ideally it should start early to mid May generating branding and consumer interest initially, then gearing up for increased activity to the few days prior to the Memorial Day Weekend.

When advertisers and advertising agencies are tasked with reaching mass audiences online like that, many undertake roadblock advertising because it’s an effective tactic for gaining user attention and engagement.
Add to this when run across an advertising network, roadblock advertising provides a wide reaching media buy with similar metrics to those of TV media buy.

For those that don’t know, roadblock advertising allows advertisers to own 100 percent of voice for a given period, usually a day. In other words, an advertising campaign would run exclusively across all the advertising units on a page reinforcing the advertising message. With road block advertising (sometimes referred to as sponsorship) all the available ad spaces are taken by the campaign. One can roadblock on every page or site the consumer visits within a network. Or you can limit the roadblock to an advertising unit such as an Island (MREC 300 x250).

Like all forms of advertising, roadblock advertising can be run with some or a number of other campaign targeting options such as day-part targeting and geo targeting ensuring that advertisers don’t waste any of their advertising budgets.
One of the strategies when undertaking roadblock advertising is to develop a campaign where each ad unit works in concert to deliver a unique and powerful rich media

advertising experience. As the ads are delivered concurrently, these coordinated ad placements can interact with each other in a myriad of ways. By creating engaging and attention catching campaigns like this, will reinforce the message.
Roadblock advertising campaigns are typically booked by date or even a week and given their exclusive ownership are typically priced higher than buying one or two media placements.

For instance, using a roadblock campaigns over the Memorial Day Weekend days can help drive sales.
Highly focused at men, some of the products ideal for promoting over the Memorial Day Weekend include;

• BBQs and Grills
• Charcoal / Wood
• Lighter fuel
• Grilling utensils and accessories
• Steaks / Seafood
• BBQ Sauce / Hot Sauce
• Marinates
• Beer and Spirits

Your Memorial Day Weekend Advertising doesn’t have to be just about barbecues and grilling, there is also significant opportunities to target women with outdoor related products such as outdoor settings, tablecloths, BBQ crockery as well as specific ingredients like salad products, dressings and mustard.

Lastly and essential to every backyard barbecue on Memorial Day Weekend is wine. This is a great opportunity for a wine brand to do heavy advertising activity at the start of the season to make their wine the must have for every BBQ. By positioning your white or red wine as the essential BBQ wine, it will immediately become the must have for each and every BBQ. Make an impression here at the beginning of summer and consumers will use your wine throughout the entire summer period ensuring multi-month sales.

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