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manyadnetworks_small.jpgADOTAS — Prior to working in this industry, I had always considered multitasking as one of my greatest strengths. Crediting my mathematical background, organization was a key contributer to my productivity.

After experiencing the industry first-hand, I quickly noticed that organization tends to take a backseat to the the rapid pace of Affiliate Marketing. Between the simultaneous AIM conversations, emails, and phone calls that take place, you’ve likely experienced multitasking overload. Incorporate the following techniques into your daily routine, and you’ll notice that your life will become more organized as priorities once again begin to take precedence.

Make a Schedule (and stick to it!)

Review your daily schedule over the course of a week. Using that week as a guideline, create a general outline of daily time frames and associated tasks. For example, dedicate the first hour of your business day towards responding to urgent emails and voicemails. If business development is a requirement for your position, then be sure to allocate a designated time frame towards contacting new clients. I personally can get swept away reviewing various stat reports by spending a bit more time than is necessary. I now delegate three specified times, throughout my day, to pull the appropriate reports, allowing myself adequate time to review the report, make note of any important information, and move on.

Create Lists

The most important way to stay organized and focused is through daily project management. Create a master list that includes larger tasks that are to be completed within the next month or quarter. Include status updates to keep track of progress. Aim to revisit this list weekly to consolidate, re-prioritize, and recreate the list. In addition to a master list, create a daily list for tasks to be completed that same day. I prefer to set aside time at the close of each business day to create a to-do list for the following day. I then arrive at the office with a clear mindset with my tasks for that day already established. Regularly referring back to these lists help to keep priorities in check while effectively completing both smaller and larger tasks.

Learn to File

We all know how to file electronic documents, but how often do you take advantage of the various filing systems? While Google Desktop is a brilliant feature, it can occasionally require too much of your time to sort through hundreds of conversations for one specific piece of information. With a simple click of the mouse, filing provides one of the easiest ways to stay organized. Not only does filing remove clutter from your desktop and inbox, but it allows a quick way to reference back to any document or conversation.

Take a Break!

A simple two minute break from the hustle and bustle of the day is all it takes. Pull away from your computer, take a deep breath, and clear your mind. Revisit your daily task list, make note of those that have been completed, and aim to complete the remaining tasks. Before getting back to the grind, remind yourself what your end goal is for the day.

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