Adify adds to platform


manyadnetworks_small.jpgADOTAS — Adify has some new features in its platform, including the ability to track post-impression ad performance and ad interaction.

The technology measures specific user interaction with ads and actions taken after ads are viewed, giving advertisers and network partners detailed insight into how users are responding to ads, as opposed to the traditional click-through metric.

“This is about giving people control over performance, and how they want to measure performance and generate it,” said Joelle Gropper Kaufman, SVP for marketing and corporate partnerships. “Performance for our networks isn’t about just clicks. It’s about reaching the sites and the consumers you want to reach and making an impact on them.”

Kaufman said the post impression, or post tracking, allows users to set the time frame and track how many people who saw a particular campaign actually did what the advertiser wanted. The interaction tracking, how good they interacted with the video or rich media ad, is connected to a detailed dashboard and reporting for publishers and network builders.

Adify, whicch powers more than 150 vertical ad networks, also has shared network optimization so that users can get their message in front of a large amount of people in a much smaller, more intimate, and less cluttered, environment.

The company previously introduced behavorial targeting that piggybacks pixels. It piggybacks contents into the ad space, which ensures that publishers don’t have to do any additional work to be able to collect non-personal identifiable information and use it for targeting purposes.


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