Vibrant Media, in-text advertising flourishes


internet_tv_small.jpgADOTAS — Doug Stevenson, founder and CEO of Vibrant Media, is one of the few people looking forward to the coming year.

Despite the economic downturn, the in-text advertising company has booked twice as much spend in 2009 as it did at this time in 2008. Stevenson said performance, accountable branding and extension of search are three of the reasons Vibrant is in demand. The in-text ad technology allows advertisers to combine display ad capabilities and using key words so that there is a better response. Using the technology is not only for ads, Stevenson said. Vibrant also has an editorial component that allows a pop-up box for related articles elsewhere on the site.

An initial reluctance from publishers worried about the divide between editorial and advertising or annoying users evaporated, said Stevenson, because the company has gone to great lengths to install proper guidelines to use ads in hyperlinks.

According to the company, the percentage of top 100 brand advertisers on Vibrant increased from 45 percent in 2007 to 70 percent in 2008, and 82 percent of the top 100 advertisers who advertised with Vibrant in 2007 came back in 2008 and increased their spend.

Stevenson said between search and hyperlinks, there is more room for hyperlinks to grow, with the creation of advanced intelligence, and the company is working on that for the future.

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  1. That’s what they say but since Microsoft pulled LiveSearch buys their #s have rapidly deteriorated, and with Microsoft set to launch their own intext on April 15th, things aren’t looking so good going forward unless they can find another major search engine that can monitize those clicks.


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