Searchme launches visual paid search


search.jpgADOTAS — Searchme unveiled its new search ad platform, AdView. Basically, it’s a visual, image-laden paid search.

SearchMe, founded by Randy Adams and John Holland, is a search engine that launched into private beta in March 2008. It has a cool visual format, with images, web pages, videos, music, that allows users to flip through it, like paging through a magazine.

AdView has ads that are interwoven among the visual search results, and what’s even more interesting is that it can work well, the company is adding some features, with mobile advertising. Though checking it out on his iPhone, I was impressed already. “The idea is to create it once, and play it any place,” Adams said.

The visual search results are based on query terms, combining the best of keyword advertising, much like Google Adwords, with brand advertising allowing for targeted ad placement. With AdView, marketers can target an audience with a more relevant graphic ad in the form of an existing Web page. Searchme also has a tool called stacks that allows users to save searches, images, even videos, and share them. The stacks even have their own distinct url.

Adams noted that breaking the habit of users used to Google’s scrolling search will be difficult, but believes the visual impact of the searches will eventually pull in users and advertisers.

Companies and agencies interested in participating in the free private beta, can visit here. The initial beta period is 30 days and is only available to a limited number of advertisers.

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