measurement, data and standards at IAB conference


datacenter.jpgADOTAS — Audience measurement, vlountary business process standards and the data question were some of topics at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual conference in Florida.

Standard documents: The IAB and the American Association of Advertising Agencies want their members to adopt voluntary business process standards to reduce the cost and complexity in the planning and buying of interactive ads. A group headed by David Cohen, EVP, US Director of Digital Communications for Universal McCann, and Zack Rogers, VP of Revenue Operations, CBS Interactive are suggesting the use of standard documents for RFPs and invoicing ; designing a method for exchanging impression data in order to reduce discrepancies; and updating terms of services contracts.

Data: existing guidelines call for shared ownership of audience data among the publisher, advertiser and media buyer. The IAB has formed a task force of representatives from 16 companies, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, CBS Interactive, NBC, Disney, NYTCo, and Time Inc, with recommendations expected by the fall.

Audience measurements: guidelines says measurements should be initiated by clients, not the sellers, the IAB says in its final version of its traffic guidelines. In particular, a website’s internal numbers should be excluded. The IAB also calls for full disclosure of methodologies used to count audience across sites.


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