Lesbian Ad Network launches


manyadnetworks_small.jpgADOTAS — Gay Ad Network has the launched the Lesbian Ad Network with Chemistry.com and Switzerland Tourism as the official network launch partners.

The Lesbian Ad Network is comprised of lesbian brands throughout the world, and offers a unique platform for reaching the lesbian market across branded content sites and blogs, with custom editorial sponsorships, viral widget syndication, and video advertising.

“We are replicating our successful gay online advertising model and expanding it to the lesbian market,” said Scott Mazer, VP Sales, Gay Ad Network. “We intend to leverage behavioral targeting, geo-targeting, content targeting and campaign optimization from our technology partner, Adify, to drive successful brand metrics and performance-based results within this vertical niche.”

Curve, the best-selling lesbian magazine, Wolfe Video, a company providing feature films and DVDs about and to lesbians, and Olivia have joined TheLWordOnline, GaydarGirls, TheDinah, and more than two dozen other online publishers to create the first major advertising network targeting the lesbian market.

The lesbian market is beginning to attract increased attention from advertisers as more market research and qualified media reach has become available. Consumer Marketing, Inc.’s Lesbian Consumer Index reports that lesbians have a median annual household income of $80,000, with 80% of those households being childless. Lesbians’ higher disposable income relative to the general population is especially relevant in the current economic climate.


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