Google and the Obama Administration


hs_ryan_kevin_100×100.jpgADOTAS — Kevin M. Ryan chief marketing officer at WebVisible, has written an open letter to the president, noting the tightening relationship between the dominant Internet company and the government, and how that will hurt, not promote, the web ecosystem. Here are some excerpts:

“I thought we were moving past paying back campaign favors with key positions. I thought we were changing the world.

Transparency doesn’t mean appointing your supporters so they can continue building their brand by plugging in familiar connectivity. Tools like Google-owned and advertising-supported YouTube and Google Moderator are already being tossed around as cornerstones of your administration’s communication strategy.

Just because the committee to elect you effectively exploited the consuming public’s fascination with Google doesn’t mean Google should be the alpha and omega of your talent search.

I encourage you to look beyond the monolithic information access society we’re building and do the right thing when it comes to listening to the people. Public servants genuinely interested in change shouldn’t hold financial interests in the companies they choose to utilize as communication platforms. I believe we used to call that a conflict of interest.”

Read the whole thing:

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  1. The shock is that our new president can actually speak – and doing his best to keep “We the People” informed. Business as usual will continue as long as Congress and the House of Rep continues functioning with the same bloated mind. Write to your Congressman and Representative and let them know how you want them to get in gear and do their jobs for once.


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