Feds to ad industry: protect data or we will


government.jpgADOTAS – The federal government wants the ad industry to implement stronger privacy protections when it comes to behavioral targeting or it will do it for them.

In the Federal Trade Commission’s 48-page Staff Report on Behavioral Advertising, there are four principles, which are voluntary at this point.

– Transparency and Consumer Control: websites must allow users to clearly understand how the site plans to use behavioral targeting. There is also a recommendation to give users a simple method to opt-out of the site’s targeting tools.

– Reasonable Security, and Limited Data Retention, for Consumer Data: Companies should also retain data only as long as is necessary to fulfill a legitimate business or law enforcement need.”

– Affirmative Express Consent for Material Changes to Existing Privacy Promises: A company must protect consumer data. If they are bought or merge with another company, those protections must be intact unless consumers agree to the changes. If the company revises its policies on privacy, they must receive users’ consent before implementing the new rules.

– Affirmative Express Consent to (or Prohibition Against) Using Sensitive Data for Behavioral Advertising: If companies want to collect “sensitive” personal data, it must get permission before it starts collecting.

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