Facebook sex scam ensnares young boys


myspace_crimescene_small.jpgADOTAS — As I said before, despite law enforcements’ rants about age verification, social networks would have to do background checks on every user in order to stop some of the abuses.

In Wisconsin, an 18-year-male student allegedly posed as a girl on Facebook, tricked male classmates into sending naked photos of themselves and then blackmailed them for sex. Obviously, the older male has mental issues, he also phoned in a bomb threat, which is how he was caught, and you wonder what his parents or guardians were doing.

Now for the victims, some as young as 15, kids sometimes to stupid things. (I know I did). But in an age where the Internet exposes anyone, parents have to be more involved in what their kids are doing online. It’s like leaving the front door open and believing nothing bad will happen. Eventually it will.

While Facebook and MySpace deal with the uproar over sex predators, is it time to consider kicking youngsters off social networks that don’t have foolproof identity verfication?

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  1. Except that the yeoman’s efforts put into the Berkman Center’s report for the Attorneys General showed there is no silver bullet in age verification. Therefore the onus remains with parents being involved and finding some way to talk to their children about using the internet. Products can help too. Symantec/Norton has something about to go beta that would have prevented all of this from happening.

  2. You know. You really could roll with the idea that 15 year olds are stupid, especially males.

    Lets not lose sight that these kids CLEARLY were interested in doing something predictably stupid. Yes they got scammed. Yes the person who did so was sickly perverted. But while the victims were not sick, they were clearly a little off of center.

    Stop and think for just ONE second. Why does a 15 year old think it is a good idea to send a naked picture anywhere, let alone through an internet application.


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