Coupons see online surge


coupon.jpgADOTAS — Consumers want online coupons in growing numbers.

In reaction the crippling recession, coupon websites were the fastest-growing online category in November 2008, up 32 percent from October to 35.6 million visitors, according to comScore Media Metrix Consumers can find deals in a few keystrokes or clicks, making it easier to search and tend to have more savings.

“Our network is 72 percent female college-educated homeowners with kids at home,” Steven Boal, CEO of Coupons Inc.—which runs the site—told eMarketer. “About 0.5 percent of the coupons sent in the Sunday paper are redeemed, whereas 17 percent is the average number of coupons printed to redeem off our network. There are typically anywhere between 85 and 120 offers, depending on when in a month you go [to].”

The site allows consumers to select and print coupons that can be redeemed at stores offline, had 8.5 million visitors in November 2008. Compete has since reported the site receives over 14 million unique monthly visitors.

As consumers—most of them female—turn to the Web for coupons, they’re still finding deals in more traditional ways. In an October 2008 survey of 2,000 female Internet users ages 18 and older by SheSpeaks, 76 percent of respondents reported sharing offline coupons found in magazines, direct mail or newspapers with their friends. Of the same group, 66 percent shared online coupons that could be printed and then used in stores.

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  1. America’s personal savings rate is at a record low, so if there is any method easily available for consumers to save on a small scale, they will do it. Coupons, giveaways and free trials available on the internet are a great way to start small and eventually this kind of savings can potentially trickle down into the economy through investments and larger purchases.


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