Amplify and Lotame partner

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elected.jpgADOTAS — Amplify has partnered with Lotame to increase the understanding of the interests, motivations and attitudes of social network audiences. The Amplify-enhanced Lotame service will provide advertisers with campaign measurement, brand safety and ad targeting on social networks.

Amplify’s computational linguistic technology mimics the process of human understanding to automatically extract the meaning of text in digital content. By automatically scanning for the significant topics, attitudes and pending decisions within any text, Amplify will enable Lotame to accurately measure the impact of campaigns as well as remove the guesswork from brand safety and targeting decisions for its customers.

Social media users will also benefit by receiving exposure to advertisements that are more relevant to their needs and ultimately more useful.

“To retain our position as a leading provider of social media-powered behavioral targeting, we are constantly on the lookout for new services and technologies that can enhance our offering and benefit our customers. Partnering with Amplify is a great example of that,” said Scott Hoffman, CMO of Lotame. “Amplify’s technology enhances our ability to define custom audiences and track success for ad campaigns, which means that we can provide publishers and advertisers with an unparalleled level of insight and understanding of users of social media at an individual level.”

Amplify delivers a long value tail on each analysis, as the insights gained can be applied over the full life of each social network relationship. Continual monitoring of the network means that the profiles it generates for users are constantly updated with each new communication or piece of content that users add.

“In an environment where advertisers are looking to maximize the value of every banner view and social media publishers are looking for ways to improve the value of their ad inventory, this partnership is helping to define what is possible in social media-powered advertising,” said Mark Redgrave, CEO of Amplify. “By focusing on the social media user, his or her demonstrated interest and what they go on to say about the brand, Lotame has connected advertising value to the real engine of social media – the people.”

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