Yahoo leaks and more cuts could loom


yahoo_small.jpgADOTAS — Yahoo will be releasing its Q4 results tomorrow, with analysts expecting a revenue and profit drop.

While Yahoo’s search will still be strong, display advertising,  its main business,  is expected to show the biggest dip. Despite massive layoffs, ‘giddy like school girls’ investors will want more cost cutting and a clear plan to win back market share from Google and others. It’s unlikely that they will get that tomorrow.

Speculation is rampant about new talks with Microsoft or a possible deal with AOL. Steve Ballmer has said that he would like to do a search deal with Yahoo, though CEO Carol Bartz has been publicly cool to the idea. Of course, she might be playing coy. Any proposal won’t be close to what Microsoft first offered, but Bartz will squeeze as much as she can out of the deal. Shares are down 40 percent from last year so she doesn’t have much leverage or maybe even time with annoyed investors.

“I’ve been passively abused for a year now by Yahoo management and I am in no mood to be aggressively abused by them, unless there is some concrete strategic plan soon,” one major investor told Kara Swisher.

Meanwhile, according to Valley Wag, she warned employees that she would “dropkick to **** Mars” employees who leaked information to the press. That was promptly leaked. Then Swisher got a company email from Bartz that was forwarded that said, in part, “I wasn’t too happy to see some “inside sources” quoting my all-hands comments to the outside press–STOP IT.”

You wonder if she understands that online the old Hells Angels quote comes in handy, two can keep a secret if one of them is

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