Yahoo Burns Advertisers * But Might be Taken Over Anyway


yahoo_dark_small.jpgADOTAS — As Google sucks up more market share by the day, Yahoo dithers and now irritates advertisers who want to give them money but will go elsewhere if they have to.

Though this has been part of its terms for the last six months, Yahoo says, unilaterally, it can create ads,  add and remove keywords and optimize accounts.  Many advertisers apparently are only becoming aware of this lately.

As one blogger said, “Yahoo made the bone-headed decision to start unilaterally messing with the keywords and bids of sponsored search customers. If that wasn’t bad enough, Yahoo just quietly updated its Terms & Conditions–making advertisers fully responsible for those decisions.”

Yahoo, which has been on the cutting edge of online search, has been hobbled by mismanagement and poor decision making. I don’t know if angering clients helps.

UPDATE: Could help be on the way? According to Michael Arrington, a group of investment bankers and top executives are working on a deal to takeover Yahoo with debt supplied by Microsoft.

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  1. Yahoo is full of idiots, I can’t wait until their editors start getting layed off. They love shutting down my accounts and disapproving my ads, the same ads that google runs all day. Yahoo is the only company I know that turns away people that want to give them money. And Clay, you hit it on the nose, their user interface is garbage. MSN even has a better one in beta right now. this does explain why this internet giant had once a net worth of $150 billion but now down to only $15 billion. Jerry Yang, you’re a clown!


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