World Avenue reduces workforce


knife_recession_small.jpgAdotas — The new year is starting as badly as last year ended.World Avenue, an interactive marketing services firm, said today due to market conditions and an expected decline in advertising spending during the first half of the year, it has cut approximately 30 percent of its workforce. The reductions were made in full compliance with the WARN ACT, according to the company.”Responsible companies understand the global movements of the markets they participate in and move proactively and decisively to position themselves to be successful even during tough times”, Dale Baker, president of World Avenue, said in a statement. “This has been difficult for us as the reduction in force is solely due to economic conditions and is not due to poor employee performance.”No information on how many workers that translated into or the cost savings for the reduction were available this morning.– Express your opinion, comment below.


  1. Hello to all at World Avenue and Happy New Year !

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  2. Still a great place to work; very sad to see some people who left take the low road and leave such negative and 100% false comments.

  3. Please avoid posting comments that slander or list individual people. We welcome your comments about companies, good or bad, but ask that you avoid targeting individuals.

  4. How do you know the comments are 100% false? Can you justify? Obviously, you are the spindoctor for the company. Good luck, I hope you are still there in June!

  5. I fail to see how getting rid of your most experienced employees makes you more successful in tough times.

    I’ve seen many companies make this mistake. They think, ‘We’ll cut our highest salaried employees loose and save money.’

    This always results in lost revenue because these employees are invariably the most experienced and the best able to serve clients. When they’re not there, it then becomes difficult to serve clients well.

    The lesson is that if you’re not in the red, don’t do layoffs…period.

  6. Yeah, the order to leave within 20 minutes is correct. Some folks had worked there for several years, so being given only 20 minutes notice is pretty nasty.

    It’s not that anyone expects a company to employ you for life. I think most people are realistic about that. But, by the same token, being given no notice in the middle of a severe recession is a bad practice.

    Besides, what kind of message does that send to the employees a company decides to keep. It tells them that your organization can’t be trusted and that you better seek an alternate means of making a living.

    I know as a fact that when employees feel their employer is loyal and considerate, they will go out of their way to work hard. Sometimes, that makes all the difference in a lousy economy.

  7. So now I see World Avenue rehiring for the positions that it originally eliminated through layoffs. Only, this time, they’re hiring for much less money.

    In essence, World Avenue never had to do layoffs. They just wanted to save money with cheap labor. This truly is the American dream…not.

    But you know the old saying: You get what you pay for!

  8. Anyone who listens to the news or reads the newspaper is aware that the world economy was suffering last year; some companies lost employees, some had to go out of business. Do you really think that your former company was spared from this? Suggesting otherwise is ignorant and misinformed. The fact of the matter is that it’s almost a year later and the economy is just now showing signs of improvement, companies and consumers are gaining confidence and the jobless rate is slowly decreasing.

  9. I must say that the negative things here about the company are true. This is a company to avoid. I saw at least a dozen people quit during my time there. Some just left without even giving any notice. World Avenue now calls itself “Q Interactive” after a merger. The company has changed its name several times over the years (never a good sign). Beware of them.


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