Volkswagen Pushes Online; Others Will Follow


car11.jpgADOTAS — Online advertising might be one of the few areas that benefit from the imploding auto industry.

Maybe it was the success of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford, which used advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere to beg for a bailout, but now other automakers say they plan to move advertising from other places, such as television, magazines and newspapers, and push them toward online.

Automakers want to spend less and target better, so buying advertising, creating content, including video, and getting involved more in social media marketing makes sense. Tim Ellis, VP-marketing at Volkswagen of America’s VW brand, told AdAdge that the company plans more digital advertising because “that’s where all the conversations are.”

GM has already announced it was slashing its budget, including no Super Bowl ad, so how much online advertising will benefit is still fluid.

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