Twittered Salesforce Crash


nycskyline.jpgADOTAS — apparently came crashing through the clouds for about 35 minutes yesterday afternoon.

The software provider, which charges a monthly fee for its cloud computing offerings, had linked up with Facebook and Amazon on a management service. It allows third-party developers to sell apps to businesses, and clients can build and manage intranets and external sites.

But on Tuesday afternoon, nada.  Twitter had the distress call.  As one  twitterer said “’s outage today shows cloud computing reliability has a long way to go.”

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  1. “has a long way to go”?!?!?! Internal average up times are in 70-75% range.’s up time is 99.98% +

    I don’t think they have much further to go…

  2. Sounds like someone here either works for SF or just loves to polish their chrome.

    Sorry “Mike” but if I am a business owner and pay thousands of dollars per month to SF to host and manage my leads and customers DB and my sales team relies upon that CRM to conduct business, any down time during business hours is unacceptable. 35 minutes of down time, of no productivity is costly – especially in sales. So your estimated .02% down time still means crap to me if that.02% down time cost me thousands of dollars – especially when I already pay thousands a month to license SF – for each user!

    I think of it as this: If I bought 100 bullet-proof vests and gave them to my team of 100 men and the company I bought from bragged that it has a 99% success rate – and 1 of my men died because of a 1% failure rate – that is still unacceptable to me. Because that’s 1% too costly.

    So no Mike – that SF’s up time is nothing to brag about because that .02% – or rather, 1% failure rate is still too costly.

  3. Bitter party of one…bitter party of one…

    I pay $100 per month for a cell phone that drops calls on a daily basis. I pay $60 per month for satellite service that goes out every time it rains. Reliability is a relative term and a 99.98 up time is actually great. My outlook has less reliability than that.

    I would hate to have SF go out 10 mins before a big meeting, but we all live with the idea that what we pay for will not always work all the time. It just has to have the reliability to know it will work, without wondering if it will work. Should we publish an article everytime my phone drops a call and wonder if the cell phone industry has a long way to go?

  4. QUOTE: Rob Bryant, a partner at consultancy Deloitte, argued that few companies would be able to achieve similar resilience to in a cost-effective way in-house.

    “ has an excellent track record, but on the rare occasions
    that things do go wrong CIOs can sleep soundly knowing the right senior
    engineers are working on the problem – engineers that their firm alone
    may struggle to access with the same level of urgency,” he added.


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