RED Hearts aims for teen market


hispanickids.jpgADOTAS — RED the Book and I Heart Daily has launched RED Hearts, a trendspotting service for teens by teens.

Written by 58 teenagers, reporting from New York City to Nevada, Los Angeles to Louisiana, and everywhere in between, RED Hearts aims to fill a void in the teen market by providing girls ages 13 and up with recommendations on everything from the original 1960s Agent 99’s “extreme level of awesome” to how you find just the right Bob the Builder-Gossip Girl balance when wearing flannel.

“RED Hearts puts a name to one of the great truths of being a teenager—they look to each other before anyone else for advice. What are you listening to? What are you wearing? Where did you find that?” said RED the Book editor Amy Goldwasser. “After nearly three years of immersion in the lives of hundreds of teen girls, I found that every one of them is a natural critic, every day. They’re endlessly curious about what’s next. RED Hearts gives their first-hand opinions, their wildly varied interests and voices and wit, a national media outlet.”

Beginning Thursday, January 22, RED Hearts will be available for free every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday through February. Readers can visit or, or subscribe to the I Heart Daily newsletter, for up-to-the-minute, peer-to-peer style and culture recommendations.

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