Publicis CEO Credits Obama Win With Bright Ad Future


arrowup3.jpgADOTAS – Unlike many doom and gloomers, Mauice Levy, the chief executive of the Publicis Groupe, is predicting a bright future for advertisers, thanks to President-elect Barack Obama.

According to a report in the New York Times, Levy sent out an email to 15,000 Publicis employees in the U.S. that reads in part:

“Congratulations on such a great choice. Once again the American people have proved that they are right there when it comes to turning points in history — and they know how to make history.”

While most ad execs shy away from overt political statements, Levy told the Times he couldn’t resist: “[I] had to because this is so fantastic. … It erases all the bad images, the bad pictures of the last eight years with one vote. It is a wonderful demonstration of the strengths of America, a formidable lesson for the world.”

Meanwhile, analysts aren’t predicting a rosy year for Publicis. Morgan Stanley has forecast a 4% fall in business this year. But Levy’s optimism (at least for the online ad world) is unsullied by dire forecasts – he predicts that by 2010, 15% of global ad spend will be parked in online formats.

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