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peer39-2.jpgADOTAS — Peer39 provides semantic advertising solutions, based on patent-pending natural language analysis technology, for Web publishers and advertisers. With research and technology based on the principles of natural language processing and machine learning, Peer39’s offers advertisers online content that matches their message to consumers.

ADOTAS asked five questions to CEO Amiad Solomon:

You say your semantic technology can deduce the meaning of words on web pages.  What does that mean especially for advertisers?

Most companies that machine read pages could not tell if Amazon on a page means the river or the online retailer. Peer39’s technology can not only ascertain the difference, but further can deduce if it is a negative or positive mention of Amazon. Our algorithms can understand the underlying sentiment of words. That’s important to online publishers because we can assign their inventory to advertising channels in a more precise way than ever before, and help them boost revenues through advertising.

Using Peer39 publishers can display advertising that is far more relevant to the content on the page, thus assuring a more engaged visitor to the page and delivering a better ROI to advertisers. Plus, we feature the element of brand protection because we are able to determine meaning and sentiment of the page and rule out inappropriate content as determined by the advertiser.

A couple of success stories?

We have seen great success in a number of channels, particularly finance, health, and technology. One laptop company recorded 4x their average CTR with their campaigns.

Have you stopped selling ads?

Yes. And no. We work directly with the sales teams of our partners and share the semantic intelligence that builds advertising channels and gives publishers more to sell. We also partner with publishers who already have expertise in broad areas of advertiser interest such as technology, finance, health and travel.

Give us a short history of the company.

The company was founded in Israel in 2006. Over the next 2.5 years we focused on developing proprietary semantic technology that works with site content and matching relevant advertising. This is a specific niche we zeroed in on early because we wanted to be the standard for website monetization using semantic technology. We opened up in NYC in June 2008. Our team consists of folks who built not only top technologies, but implemented those technologies into industry standards. Today Peer39 is the premier company that uses semantic technology specifically to monetize publisher web sites.

What have you got in the works?

We are working on strategic partnerships with publishers to better shift their content into salable advertising channels. That’s the core of the focus of the company. We have already signed major partnerships (these are not yet public), and plan to continue acquiring customers through the next 6 months and beyond.

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