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2009prediction_small.jpgADOTAS — Rajeev Goel, co-founder and president OF PubMatic, says the recession, and harder to find revenue, will force online advertising vendors to perform:

“Online advertising will benefit from the recession as agencies will
continue to view it as a credible way for them to justify client
spending, given the level of targeting and accountability online
advertising offers. This will increase pressure for online advertising
vendors to perform, and this will expedite some changes that were
already in motion:

* In line with the flight to targeting and accountability,
performance-based advertising (whether it’s bought on CPM, CPC, or CPA
basis) will prosper, but at a slower rate than earlier predictions by

* Downward revenue pressure will be heaviest on social media, widget,
and application-based ad networks as high level branding arguments give
ground to tried and true engagement metrics such as CTR (click-through

* Multi-platform (aka Cross-platform) buys, or “supersizing” your key
buy by adding mobile and experimental units, will decrease because of a
lack of transparency, and also because of significant cuts in creative
budgets. Ad networks will postpone these and other experimental projects
that were designed to supplement their core offerings. Instead, online
budgets will be moved to more accountable areas such as remnant buys.

* Online publishers will continue to focus on getting the most for their
ad space, which will accelerate the use of ad networks and yield
management solutions. For publishers who already use ad networks,
pricing disruptions will cause them to seek yield management solutions.
For publishers who don’t currently use ad networks, this will become a
larger part of their strategy as they seek to maximize potential revenue
for all inventory.

In short 2009 will be focused on efficiency and accountability, not on
creative innovation and experimentation.”

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