Microsoft delays construction; what next?


microsoft_small.jpgADOTAS — Will they or won’t they?

As Thursday inches every closer, and everyone wonders if Microsoft will layoff of workers, the only new news was that the company had decided to delay the construction for several planned buildings for at least three years. The company also will not renew most of its leases when they come up for renewal this year and next.

Rumors of layoffs or restructuring are swirling,  which investors say is long overdue.  Some are saying 15,000 people worldwide, 17 percent of its workforce, could be laid off.  The company doesn’t have a reputation for such layoffs, but it is considering significant work force reductions. Plans for the cutbacks are still being discussed, and Microsoft could still find alternative methods of reining in costs

Company officials estimates expect that the work force will not grow for two and half years. Last year, Microsoft’s work force grew by 16 percent. The company employs more than 94,000 people worldwide.

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