Marketers slide on measuring online success


performance_marketing_works_small.jpgADOTAS — Most advertisers and marketers say with the economic downturn, ROI must become the primary focus for online advertising.

So I’m surprised that only 47 percent of marketers use analytics to measure the success of their online marketing investment. Is it because they’re off not knowing? That they can use the usual metrics to entice advertisers while disregarding what doesn’t work? I’m not sure.

Online marketing investment is predicted to increase for the 6th consecutive year as organizations begin to look to social networks as well as email, SEO and pay-per-click advertising, according to Alterian in its sixth Annual Marketing Survey. A quarter of those surveyed cite analyzing results as the hardest part of any campaign.

“With the current economic climate,” said David Eldridge, CEO Alterian,” it is refreshing to see results that show businesses investing in areas that can directly drive sales – essential in this market. What is less encouraging is the low number of marketers who use analytics to evaluate and refine their campaigns.”

With responses from more than 1,500, a fifth are predicting a reduction in offline marketing investment, with 38 percent predicting it will actually increase. Online direct marketing is also set to see healthy growth this year, with 62 percent of organizations citing planned increases in budgets. Only one-fifth of respondents said their website was only ‘basic’ and not at the core of its marketing activity.

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  1. Hi Ed,
    This is great data and a timely topic. With the economic uncertainty we are facing, now is absolutely not the time for marketers to slide on the measurement side, as pressure for demonstrable returns is predicted to increase in the coming months. It is not surprising, however, to see that “a quarter of those surveyed cite analyzing results as the hardest part of any campaign.” So many marketing organizations are still trying to function with very discreet silos; the individuals, teams and technology are separate and not working together well. Integrating email marketing and Web analytics to provide one set of metrics and point of analysis is key. Making it easier to execute and measure all the parts of online campaigns is what will drive the numbers you cited higher.
    -JD Peterson, Director of Products, Lyris, Inc.


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