JPMorgan On Ad Performance, Online Video and Bankruptcy ECommerce Boost


cashmoney1.jpgADOTAS — The Internet has moved toward a performance-driven advertising model and hasn’t solved video ad performance. But it could see a boost in commerce because of retail bankruptcies.

 study by JPMorgan says performance-based advertising is replacing the CPM-based model. Looking at the United Kingdom, which spends more ad dollars online, about 15 perent, than the US, about 8 percent, the reports says about 85 percent of online ad spending is with performance-based models.

JPMorgan doesn’t view online video ads as the answer in the near future.  (Though some think differently) . Its belief is that performance-based marketers who want a measurable ROI have been alienated by the CPM model. It also says even brand advertisers are wary because of the inability to guarantee viewership for a specific video.

But with the recession claiming brick and mortar victims, the research group believes that online retailers could find it easier to win and keep marketplace shares in a less competitive field.

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  1. Second sentence, first paragraph makes no sense at all. Spelling mistakes. Link to study is to section on China, not UK. This would be an interesting statistic if I could verify it.

  2. AC,
    Remember the song, conjunction, junction what’s your function?
    “This trend is most clearly seen in the U.K., where the online
    ad market is more mature (~15% of ad dollars are spent online compared to only
    ~8% in the U.S.). In the U.K. market, we think roughly 85% of total online ad dollars
    are spent on the performance-based model.”


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