IBM, Microsoft, Massive Layoff Rumors

Inplace #2

pinkslips_small.jpgADOTAS — Considering the recent massive layoffs that traumatized everyone, even those that survived, there was hope that the new year would at least give some respite.

But with quarterly numbers ready to come out, the layoff rumors and speculation has ramped up and targeted two behomeths: Microsoft and IBM.

News of Microsoft doing something by Jan. 15 has long been rumored, and some say restructuring is long overdue. But now people are saying 15,000 people worldwide, 17 percent of its workforce, could be laid off. Considering it was/still in play to buy parts of Yahoo, restructuring or selling off units, such as MSN, seems more likely. But 15,000? Wow, that’s some rumor. Of course this was a rumor at one point too.

As for IBM, I hadn’t heard a peep from anyone or anywhere, until today:

“One message states that IBM will announce 16,000 layoffs on Jan. 23, affecting workers worldwide. Similar predictions are made in other recent posts on the site, which is run by the Alliance@IBM/Communications Workers of America Local 1701, a union that is trying to organize IBM workers.”

Now, scaring workers wouldn’t exactly be a new tactic in a union-organizing effort. So we’ll see about that.

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