Horn Corp: open door digital marketing


jobs_small.jpgADOTAS — The folks over at Horn Corp are trying to do good for others, while doing good for themselves.

The full-service marketing and media agency is calling it “laboring for love.” A bit much? Maybe? But with current employment prospects, talented, creative and hungry people are left with few options, according to Ariel Horn, executive director. So the company has opened its doors for marketing, creative professionals who have a passion for the business and the idea of creating, but nowhere to use it because of the economic downturn. 

There is no salary, Horn says, but if work that freelancers produce helps the company win a contract, they’ll get compensated. Already, the Horn Corp, with freelancer help, came up with an idea for a viral campaign for its client Nine West Shoes’ loyalty program.

“People can come and see if they like it, and work with us,” Horn said. “It’s an outlet, keeps them active. So far, we have had about ten people work with us that way.”

The company wants the idea to spread, said Stefanie Shuman, the company’s manager of strategic marketing and communcations. “There are other small digital companies that could open up their shops like this.”

So if you’re looking, reach out to the Horn Corp. In a sea of bad news, stopping off on an island for a while might just help.

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