Google Street View Exposes New Porsche Model


car11.jpgADOTAS – Like many success stories, Google has become as notorious for its ability to enrage other companies in an impressive variety of industries, from swaggering movie studios to pocket-protector wielding tech companies, as it is for its unrivaled achievements in almost every field it enters.

According to a report in the Silicon Alley Insider, Google can add Porsche to its ever-growing list of P.O.’d companies. Why? Google’s equally beloved and maligned Street View photographed a secret test of Porsche’s totally unknown all-new version of its Cayman Boxster.

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  1. Google has just invented a new ad channel/format that takes product placement to a new level. I have to believe that this is not an accident – but a planned PR stunt to generate awareness. If Porche are smart, they’re in on it too.

  2. Vidar,
    You’re right. At first, I thought porshe people must be annoyed, but I wonder now if it wasn’t planned all along. That’s sort of the sad thing too. We can’t even enjoy seemingly random moments without wondering if they were prepackaged.


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