Eyewonder has good news despite downturn


eyeball.jpgADOTAS — EyeWonder has reported an increase in revenue in 2008, up 67 percent from the previous year, as well as an increased global impression growth of 43 percent.

EyeWonder launched its Universal In-Stream Framework (UIF) last year, an open-standard platform designed to address the interactive ad industry’s need for open standards that create a scalable marketplace, making it more efficient to buy, sell and service fully interactive in-stream advertising inventory.

According to a 2008 study from eMarketer, online ad spending is expected to increase by 140 % by 2012, and online video spending is expected to increase by 370 %. With those numbers on the rise, EyeWonder is poised to take advantage of the opportunities for in-stream video advertising.

EyeWonder also premiered its LiveWonder and Box Office Wonder products and announced several strategic partnerships, including Facilitate Digital and Immersive Media. Initiatives for 2009 include further research and innovation in the in-stream video advertising industry and focused efforts on expanding business in existing markets by continuing to service ads globally and develop ad formats and features that drive meaningful results and value for advertisers.

“Through these tough economic times, EyeWonder continues to focus on providing our clients the technology solutions and service they’ve come to expect from us,” said CEO John Vincent. “Our goal is to help our advertiser, agency and publisher partners maximize their advertising dollars, to give them the tools they need to ensure their advertising efforts succeed in today’s market landscape.”

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  1. It’s only a matter of time before Google put’s all of you copy cat’s out of business. Enjoy it while you can…

  2. It’s only a matter of time before Google put’s all of you copy cat’s out of business. Enjoy it while you can… Especially you Manchee, we are gunning for you specifically

  3. You’re a moron. As long as the premium rich media vendors continue to innovate faster than Google, they won’t be put out of business. And since Google doesn’t seem to want to innovate at their previous pace, I think folks like Eyewonder, Eyeblaster, Pointroll, etc., are in pretty good shape for the time being.

    You should look elsewhere for the threat to the current crop of rich media vendors.

  4. Eyewonder are a very progressive company and don’t engage in alot of hype. However, the mention of the deal with Immersive Media is suspect. Immersive Media Company’s video is some of the lowest resolution internet video in the marketplace, it’s terrible to watch and no Brand or Advertiser will use them. The company have cut back on their technical and creative teams this past year and their stock has collapsed. I don’t think it adds value to Eyewonder in the least.


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