ESPN’s *Truckin’ w/ Ford


espn.jpgADOTAS — ESPN officially unveiled its new design and ad campaign — with a truck.

Ugh. No offense. But if I wanted to make my new site hip and buzz worthy, I would have done something  different at first, some new gadget, game or even just a wacky beer commerical, not a truck. Having said that, the interaction between part of the advertisement and the announcer was fun. The ad, which highlighted Ford’s *F-150 truck, covered the home page, and at one point had the truck peel out, throwing mud onto the announcer in the background. redesigned its site to make it less cluttered and user friendlyand, therefore advertiser friendly. The old design was jammed pack with links, videos and photos, (which I actually liked) as well as revamping its search functions (which actually did suck). It will give advertisers options for displaying messages, and next month it introduce a new video advertising option specifically with movie studios in mind. Users will also be able to customize their pages such as scores.

With automakers moving more on online, this was probably a lucrative move for ESPN.

*Corrected earlier version.

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