CES Revelations


remotecontrol3.jpgADOTAS — No earth shattering news at CES, but here are a couple of interesting tidbits. (This will be updated as the day goes on.)

– Verizon fiber-optic TV service customers will be able to remotely control their DVRs online or with some Verizon Wireless handsets. The new FiOS feature lets them browse TV listings, add, update or delete recorded shows and will expand to more handsets in the future. (Anyone over 40 will have to ask their 10-year-old kid to program it though.)

– MySpace is working with Yahoo and Intel to bring features from the social network to TV. MySpace members will eventually be able log into the social network and interact with friends while watching TV. (An intravenous food tube and port a potty is optional.)

– Microsoft introduced an iPhone app that will enables users to access mobile content, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks and promotions by pointing its camera to a custom tag. (Mobile advertisers rejoice)


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