Anatomy of a Fraudster


myspace_crimescene_small.jpgADOTAS — Considering we have been doing a series on how to use best practices to stop online fraud, this report is timely.

Conducted by Anchor Intelligence, the report, released today, describes the top four profiles of click fraud perpetrators encountered online: click fraud farmers, pyramid schemers, money launderers and kit sophisticates. Over the past year, Anchor studied patterns across its entire client base and gathered intelligence on the most prevalent fraudulent behavioral profiles, ranging in levels of sophistication.

“Pinpointing the bad guys can be extremely difficult,” said Ken Miller, CEO of Anchor Intelligence. “Much like spammers, click fraud perpetrators have their methods for staying under the radar. Understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind their actions is essential to preventing their fraudulent activity.”

The top profiles:

Click fraud farmers – members of click farms, which are outsourced by an organization and paid to generate clicks on behalf of a third party.

Pyramid schemers – individuals who are caught up in illegal schemes, in which they are “paid” to click on ads, visit Web sites and recruit other users.

Money launderers – fraudsters who recruit consumers to use their personal information to register various websites with ad networks with intent to generate false clicks on ads hosted by their Web sites.

Kit sophisticates – fraudsters who purchase kits online to commit fraud. These kits often serve as a one-stop shop for click fraud perpetrators and provide tools to create hundreds of Web sites, mass register accounts and generate thousands of fraudulent ad clicks.

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