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Dec 30, 2008 
Edward Barrera  |

china_socialnetworking_small.jpgADOTAS — Larry Weintraub and Terry Dry from Fanscape sent out some of their predictions:

- Less really is more: marketers can achieve more by targeting few.
- “You think you know, but you don’t.”
- Social Media definitions now will not be the definitions of the future-brands. Companies will need to understand that different tactics and tools of social media are not clearly defined, as the industry progresses these terms will change.
- Brands/companies will begin to define in RFP’s exactly what their looking for vs. using buzz terms to appear knowledgeable about the space.
- Consumer behavior will continue to change in the social media landscape — as consumers become more comfortable with one-to-one interaction, more will begin participating in conversations rather than just observing.
- Online buzz and awareness will grow in effectiveness to directly influence sales, viewership etc — driving customers more and more to act
- Professional media will try and regain their presence on the Web by infiltrating user-generated communities – i.e. Television/Film Networks/Studios taking over YouTube, marketers infiltrating Twitter, brands influencing the “influencers”, etc.
- For any of these sites to stay in existence – they need advertising, and advertisers will not support only user-based content.
As a result, major entertainment brands will take over these spaces, in order for them to stay alive, forging a real partnership with the sites formerly dedicated to “you.”
-The online audience will become more sophisticated in their needs and requirements for entertainment, news, videos, etc. They will seek more credible resources for distributing information and will shy away from the content currently being distributed by their peers. Though user-generated content, blogs, communities, etc. will still thrive, users will want to see more from their favorite brands, news outlets, actors, television shows – those deemed “the professionals” – and ultimately they will get their wishes based on the above prediction about the UGC take over.
- As influencers and internet celebrities become more and more prominent in the space – they are going to inevitably open themselves up to become extensions of brands – whether they like it or not. Brands will continue to reach out to budding online talent/popular web-users to endorse their brand. Most will not succeed. Those that do succeed (the brands and the internet celebrities) will be those that find the way to organically marry the two seamlessly.

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I absolutely believe this is right on the money and can be used for a road map for the future of Social Media Marketing. The amazing thing is that it is going to happen faster than we expect.

Rod Cook

Posted by Rod Cook | 1:19 pm on December 30, 2008.

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