Worst Best Commercial Ever Made?


airplane.jpgADOTAS — Michael Arrington says, tongue-in-cheek, that this Danish ecommerce commercial is the best commercial ever.

Be warned, it has a bunch of topless women jumping out of a plane. The product? washing machines. It’s one of those commercials everyone talks about, but no one remembers what they’re selling. Arrington wonders if it has played on TV, but one of the comments says no.

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  1. Yeah, definitely one of the worst commercials ever. First, you can hardly read the message. To make matters worse, (almost?) all girls in this ad seem to have plastic tits – a major turn-off for the majority of men. But worst of all, this commercial isn’t even funny. Nothing worth remembering, nothing worth talking about.

    Bye, K&K,

  2. For sure. No one cares what the “sell” is with this type of commercial. All “t”, little “a”. Compelling, but no cigar.


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