Wait ‘Till (After) Next Year


search.jpgADOTAS — We’re all tired of bad news, but nevertheless, here’s more.

Barclays says overall U.S. advertising will decrease 10 percent next year, but will be up 1 percent the following year. It previously projecting a 5 percent drop in ’09. Analysts believe that Internet advertising spending will have 6.1 percent increase next year, mostly driven by search ads. Good for Google, but bad for almost everyone else in the display ad business.

But in a sense in could oh-so-much worse. We could be dealing with advertising on the networks, cable, radio, magazines or, God forbid, the newpapers. All of which are plunging into the deep, cold sea.

Only the hardy need apply, or at least the ones who will maximize every nook or cranny for revenue.

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