Twittering Disasters


twitter_small.jpgADOTAS — As the evolving Mumbai violence last week showed, online tools, especially Twitter, have arrived as the primary up to date news gatherers for disasters, be it fires, earthquakes or terror plots, as reporters, bloggers and other experts get a handle on it and give some context.

But what does that make Twitter? If the New York Times stock wasn’t tanking, I would urge it to buy the social network, although I don’t know if $500 million (regardless if it was an actual value) would be a good price. Searching around for the possibilities for revenue for the company, which right now has none, seems to be an industry in itself.

While some say it’s a “glorified IM network,” others believe it’s an unique platform and it’s growth continues.  A comparison could be made to YouTube, which still chases decent revenue, but was bought for  $1.6 billion by Google.

I think too many times new (and sometimes old) popular tools are hyped and (possible) revenue  streams are glossed over. But as long as there are investors ready to hand over money, the train will continue to run. Just look at the Huffington Post.



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