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online_video_small.jpgADOTAS — Integrating major TV brands online continues as online video ad spending is expected to grow in the coming years, though you get the feeling no one really knows what’s going to happen the early part of next year.

CBS has resurrected, and says that video ad spending has “outpaced the growth of the audience,” and added that it expected growth in Q4 to be in the high double digits. It was less optimistic for Q1.

The popular Hulu says that revenue per minute of video watched grew in the past several months. But while advertising on the site was said to be sold out in August, the company says it is no longer. Kara Swisher throws a seed of doubt on the sold out part, so we’ll see.
But despite the economy, eMarketer has said that online-video ad spending by U.S. advertisters would growin 45 percent to $850 billion. And no one really is taking about how the growing interactivity of videos will help the market.



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