The Rich Still Have More Fun


luxury.jpgADOTAS — As everyone drowns in the economic tsunami, the good news is that affluent business executives still read dead wood but spend online.

According to this Ipsos Mendelsohn study, after seeing an ad on the internet, 50 percent of business executives report visiting a website, while 54 percent report purchasing a product/service. With a TV ad, 43 percent visit a website and 42 percent buy a product/service. A magazine ad spurs 38 percent to visit websites and 34 percent to buy a product/service. (Think there’s a website trend here?)

The study, which examines the media habits, technology use and top concerns of affluent businesspeople, finds that print readership – though down slightly from 2007 – remains relatively stable across categories. Findings also indicate that the “Business Elite” turn to different media sources.

Top business people are also ingesting new technologies, more than two-thirds (68 percent) own a cellular phone with a camera or multimedia capabilities, 66 percent own a digital camera/camcorder, 65 percent own a laptop computer, 47 percent own a handheld computer/blackberry/smartphone, and 35 percent have a satellite radio subscription.

So as you search for that cardboard box you’ll need as a new home remember that there will be others more, much more, fortunate than you.

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