Steve Jobs, the $20-Billion-Dollar-Man


apples.jpgADOTAS — With the legendary leader’s absence at MacWorld sending everyone into a tizzy, the Steve Jobs watch is on full tilt.

The obvious concern for investors, and people who just like cool stuff, is who will succeed him. With Jobs’ mastery of pushing Apple to always have the new best thing, Macbook, iPod, iPhone, it’s also interesting to peg how much his mere presence at the company is worth to investors.

Apple’s Macintosh computer line is worth about $19billion; iPod about $14 billion; iTunes is worth about $1 billion, iPhone about $17 billion; and the company’s hardware and software businesses about $11 billion. Put all

Sum it up, and Apple’s slices are worth about $62 billion. Its market value hovers around $80 billion.

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