Random Predictions


ADOTAS — A few more predictions, this time from the guys at Sapient.

SOCIAL NETWORKING – Freddie Laker, director of digital strategy:

“We predict that Facebook applications are probably on their way out in 2009 and the OpenSocial application platform might finally be ready for primetime. OpenSocial will enable marketers to create apps that access a social network’s friends and update feeds for greater engagement and interaction with target audiences.”

CREATIVE – Anthony Davies, director and regional creative lead for Europe:Sapient:

“As marketers find ways to connect at a deeper level with people’s daily lives, creatives will be designing and building more complex brand experiences that are not only great pieces of communication but that also provide a compelling reason to return every day. For marketers this will mean taking greater ownership of the web channel and learning to work more closely with operational and IT teams to achieve this powerful deep media experience.”

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  1. How many “things” do I buy over a month’s time (lots), and I’m going to have a meaningful experience with all of them? I better quit writing now or I won’t have enough time to experience these wonderfully fulfilling relationships.


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