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hispeed.jpgADOTAS — It’s not your parent’s publishers clearing house door prize anymore.

Or at least it’s trying not to be. Publishers Clearing House, which sells magazine subscriptions, advertising on its websites and merchandise directly, is starting a new marketing campaign aimed at a younger demographic, using Twitter, iPhones, Myspace and Facebook.

The company, which was buffeted by lawsuits several years ago, has been struggling to find more revenue, and its unclear if contests with cash prizes will draw enough new eyeballs.

“It’s a challenge for us, make no mistake,” Alex Betancur, the general manager and vice president of PCH Online Network, told the New York Times. “We’re saying, how can we become relevant to these folks that are using Facebook and Twitter? I can’t say that we’ve solved it, but I can say we’re trying very, very hard as a company to understand what this means.”

Online games, especially casual games, seem to be on an upswing, so the company could leverage the growing attraction. Betancur also uttered a statement that most do when talking about Twitter.

“The truth of the matter is,” he said, “we have no idea how we would make money on Twitter.”

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  1. for starts, Twitter won’t make you money, but Twitter’s TRAFFIC might. If you can get enough followers and then incentivize them to visit, you’ll collect more offline data on a demographic which you do not see with you current model.

    Alex I would love to talk to you about this topic. 140 characters is not enough space to explain how you can make Twitter work for you.


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