National Ad Networks and Saving Journalism


crystalball1.jpgADOTAS — Despite this kind of news, there are still new business models for Internet advertising and newspapers that could create excitement.  

With Politico and papers such as the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun sharing content, why are they not sharing the advertising revenue from those stories?

Over at Buzzmachine, Jeff Jarvis says, pointing to similar plans elsewhere, “make a national network and marketplace for original journalism,” and Bob Wyman notes that “content should be shared WITH advertising revenue. Otherwise, these content sharing arrangements are simply cost-saving measures — not primarily revenue generating.”

One of the worst things newspapers did was give away their content for free online, but that door has closed. Journalism networks across the country and many platforms might be the one way for it to survive.

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  1. I covered this topic on MediaPost a couple of weeks ago:

    There is a solution, but it takes the newspapers to realize that a ‘free’ reader is not a subscriber, and that anyone who does not accept advertisement is not a customer – they are a leech. Newspapers are advertising vehicles. Every see one without any ads? that is called a peer-reviewed journal and they costs $1000s a year.

    Dave Hendricks


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