Internet Before Sex


sehablasearch_small.jpgADOTAS — This online survey is likely good news for Internet advertisers and bad news for men.

Conducted by Harris Interactive for Intel, 95 percent of 2,119 adults said it is was important for people to have devices that allow them to access the Internet, and 84 percent said they saved money by comparing prices and finding the best deals before making purchases.

The unfortunate news was that 46 percent of women would rather forego sex for two weeks than give up the Internet for that long, only 30 percent of men would make the sacrifice. For females aged 18-34, 46 percent would make that choice, and 52 percent aged 35-44 would make the choice.

For men, 39 percent aged 18-34 said they were willing to make that sacrifice, and 23 percent of men aged 35-44 said they would do so.

Obviously online surveys have their problems. But to be quite honest, I’m not surprised by the female numbers or the middle-aged men numbers. I would like to meet the nearly 40 percent of men between 18 to 34 who said they would drop sex for Internet access. Then again…maybe not.

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  1. ya the guys 18-34 have realized that they can keep the internet and just jerk off which is much better than having no internet and chick drama for 2 weeks you idiot.

  2. The Internet is becoming more and more important to everyone’s daily life. Whether it’s shopping online, or job hunting, we all stay connected in any way we can. I think Obama’s plan for easier Internet access is a natural progression and I can’t wait for the change. Even companies like Portland-based Clear ( are making it easier for users to stay connected without ever having to search for Wi-Fi hot spots. It’s going to be a great day when I can get full Internet access wherever I go.


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