Interactive Television Ads Will Flourish


tvstatic.jpgADOTAS — According to Peter Low, president and COO of Ensequence, interactive television advertising is ready for prime time in 2009.

“Two main reasons – the technical and other obstacles that have slowed its adoption are finally being overcome and all the key players in the industry want interactive television advertising.

Building an interactive television experience used to be incredibly difficult and time consuming – however, with today’s tools it is much easier for creatives to build sophisticated interactive television applications. In the past, consumers had to go out and buy special hardware for interactive television — now they can experience interactive television using their current TVs and set top boxes. Finally, in the past few television distributors supported interactivity – now almost of the major satellite and cable companies have or are in the process of supporting interactive television experiences.

And the demand for interactive television advertising is there. Viewers want it — Harris Interactive found that 66% of viewers said they would interact with interactive television commercials. Programmers and television distributors want it — they want to access the new revenue streams that interactive television advertising makes possible. And, advertisers want it — interactive television provides them with a chance to reach large numbers of consumers and engage with them in a powerful and measureable way.

In 2009 interactivity will help make television advertising new again.”

We’ll be doing a longer interview with Peter in January.

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